Thursday 9 July 2009

and one more event....

Reposting this recipe for Padma's "Dosa Corner " Event.

Mutta Dosa

1 cup Boiled Rice
6 cups Rice grains
2 cups urad dhal (skinned)
¼ tsp fenugreek seeds (optional)
½ handful salt
Ghee or oil for frying
Eggs as necessary

Preparing the dosai batter:
Soak the rice, the fenugreek seeds and the dhal separately, for about 5-8 hours. Grind the rice using a blender or food processor in batches with sufficient water until it is a smooth paste.

Grind the urad dhal until fluffy by adding a little water at a time.

Mix together the two pastes with the salt in a big vessel to make a thick batter. Leave it in a dark warm place for about 8 hours. The batter triples its initial volume after fermentation, so it’s better to make sure the bowl is big enough to allow space for the batter to rise.
Frying dosais:
If the fermented batter is too thick add some water to make it thinner or to obtain a flowing consistency. Let’s say about a ladle of water for 6 ladles of dough.
Prepare a bowl of ghee/oil.
In another bowl prepare another 5tbsps of ghee and half an onion pricked on the bulged part with a fork.
Heat a heavy cast iron griddle or a non-stick pan until a few drops of water dropped on the surface sizzles.
Dip the pricked onion in the ghee and grease the surface of the griddle/pan with the ghee.
Take a deep ladle full of batter and drop the batter in the middle of the pan, quickly swirl the batter away from the middle until it is spreads evenly in a circle around the pan. You must do this quickly because once the batter cooks, it is difficult to spread. Take a teaspoon full of ghee/oil and spread it on the dosa and also around the edges of the dosa. Wait a minute or two, until you see the edges browning and insert a flat ladle under the dosa and all around the dosai, until it is released completely. After releasing the dosa, flip it around on the other side.
Break an egg and drop it on the dosa, wait a minute or two until it is cooked and remove from the pan. Mutta dosa is ready; Sprinkle some fresh and coarsely ground pepper and some salt and serve hot.

Plain dosa can also be prepared out of this batter, in that case skip the eggs.

Dosa batter can be very well conserved in a refrigerator for a week.


Padma said...

Thanks dear for sending this to my event... muttai dosa ..yummm my kids fav dosa :)

Ashwini said...

mutta dosa looks yummy.. perfect yolk...

Ammu said...

Looks delicious. This is my hubby fav.

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