Monday 5 January 2009


Ingredients: for 12 Naans
1 kg all purpose flour
5 cups yoghurts
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp active yeast (bakery)
Salt to taste (1 1/2 tbsp for me)
10 tablespoons of warm oil
250 ml warm water

In a big bowl, mix the flour with half of the oil .

Make a hole in the middle and add yeast, sugar, salt and yogurt and mix once again. Add water slowly and knead (The dough should be fairly soft and slightly sticky so that Naans comes out soft.) Knead it well to form a soft dough.

Make a big ball, and coat it with oil. Knead it once again while beating the dough on the working surface in order to remove excess air inside the dough.

When the dough is soft, cover the dough with a plastic food wrap and let it stand at room temperature for 3 to 4 hours.

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees C or the maximum for 15 minutes.

Take the dough and divide it into balls in the size of an orange.

Slightly press the ball and flatten it with a rolling pin (Don’t flatten too much) to form a circle or an oval.

Now flatten it by tapping the dough with your hands,one palm to the other, while giving it a slight pressure in the middle and by turning it around. This way, we’ll get a uniform flat dough. If this can’t be done, then just roll the dough with a rolling pin just on one side without adding any flour. The dough should be neither too thin nor too thick. Coat the hands with little oil if necessary.

Place the naan in the middle of the oven and grill for about 5 minutes (might be lesser, it depends on the ovens) at 260°C.

The Naan should puff up gradually and brown on the top.

Brush some Ghee over it & serve hot with any curries.


Usha said...

Looks perfect and tempting...Have a happy and wonderful 2009 :-)

Jean's Saappadu said...

Thank you Usha

anudivya said...

I like your naan a lot. I started making them myself only recently and I love them home-made.

Jean's Saappadu said...

Thank you Anudivya

easycrafts said...

Wow...this is so very perfect...nice one

Dhanya said...

Nice step by step instructions. Looks so yummy yaar.Good one.

RJ said...

Hi again,i love naans but to make them perfectly is another story!But thanks to ur step by step instructions,it came out perfectly.My son loved it and my guests as well!Thanks!! Continue ur good work.