Tuesday 18 November 2008



5 cups Whole wheat flour
Salt as required (1 tbsp for me)
1 cup yoghurt (optional)
Warm Water as needed (approximately 1 ½ cups)

Mix together water, yoghurt and salt .
Knead flour , starting with only a slight dribble of water mixture and adding more as you go until the dough becomes smooth but not too sticky.
The dough should be neither too dry nor too sticky;
Cover and leave it at room temperature for atleast 4 hours. (I prepare the dough and refrigerate today, if I need to make chapatis tomorrow )
Divide into balls and roll out into slightly thick disks; sprinkle with flour as you roll Now, heat a pan, when it is very hot, place a chapati on the pan and press it flat with a spatula or dry cloth to make it rise up.
Flip and repeat so that it becomes slightly browned on both sides.
Brushed with some ghee and serve hot with any chutney or curry of your taste.
Note: It can be stored in an air-tight box/ plastic zip lock bags, for a day at room temperature or in the refriderator for 2 days

I've served with Tomato/Peanut Chutney and Keerai Chutney (Spinach chutney)